Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


No drivers licence is required on our tours according to Moroccan law.

Little but, we highly recommend if you have very little or rusty riding experience, to join us on a one-day training day before your tour starts.

We run a maximum of 10 bikers + guide.

Yes, you can. Non-riders travelling as 4×4 passengers are welcome. Contact us for details.

We do not supply gear or equipment for our tours. We always recommend riders to bring their own gear for guaranteed comfort/fit. Read more here.

Read here about clothing and riding gear.

Always difficult to answer as this is entirely circumstance-dependent. Thankfully, accidents are rare as we choose the routes with care. The guide/driver has medical training and we carry an extensive medical kit.


On our tours, we will always take you to good-quality small hotels, riads and auberges wherever we stop. Some of them will have a swimming pool.

Most hotels will have internet but cannot guarantee the quality. If you must be sure of a good connection, we would suggest you purchase a Wi-Fi data card before leaving on tour. We can help with this.

Generally not, but massages can be arranged when arranged in advance.

Some hotels offer alcohol in their establishments. If not, Desert Rats can provide you with a cold beer after a day in the saddle!


MotoAventures, our mother company, has been operating continuously in Morocco for over 25 years.

We have our own fleet of Docker Apollo bikes. They are rigorously maintained by our mechanic.

In our more than 25 years of travelling all round this exotic country we have never felt in danger or threatened. One must be sensible – as in any country nowadays – but the Berber people are very welcoming and most helpful.

A complex question as temperatures can differ quite substantially in the different parts of Morocco. We have also seen that weather patterns keep changing, so no guarantees can be given.

However, we have chosen tour schedules and timings to coincide with, normally, the most suitable weather in the places we are travelling.

Arab, Berber, French and occasionally English and Spanish are the languages spoken by the locals.

Between us at MotoAventures and Desert Rats, we can offer Dutch, German, Spanish, French, Catalan, Arab, Berber and English.

We always advise everyone to have dirhams in cash to pay for drinks and daily purchases, as small establishments don’t have card facilities. Some larger hotels will accept credit cards.

On arrival at Marrakech airport there is a bureau de change, or you can get money from the ATM.

Yes, simply let us know your requirements, and we will ensure that the accommodations have the relevant information ahead of time. Similarly, if you have an associated medical condition, please advise us beforehand, so we can mitigate this to the best of our ability.

Unfortunately not. Morocco has prohibited drone import for security reasons since 2015 with little chance of this being changed anytime soon. Private drones will be confiscated on arrival.

There is no request for any specific vaccinations made by Morocco for visitors, but we would recommend you speak to your doctor to be sure. Anti-tetanus is probably a good one in case you fall off and graze yourself.

For up-to-date Covid-19 information check the Visit Morocco website.


A 250€ non-returnable deposit will be needed to secure your bike on the tour. The rest of the payment will be done on arrival, in cash (euros, pounds, dollars or dirhams).

We require a 100 euro deposit against possible damages (can be equivalent in pound, dollars or dirhams) in cash, and it will be returned to you at the end of the tour once the bike has been checked over (subject to no damage).